Handy Hints

The BRTMA has collated a set of useful documents to assist with ordering procedures and to ensure knowledge sharing and best practice.

Please find below a number of useful documents which are free to download:

How to choose the right Top Dressing

  • Firstly, there is no such thing as a universally ‘good’ Top Dressing
  • Test and establish the existing profile of the green before selecting a Top Dressing. Over time a Top Dressing will add to and become part of the Rootzone, therefore, the two products must be compatible i.e. have similar composition and properties.
  • A quality Top Dressing supplier will want to test your greens before selling you the right product for your particular application.
  • Samples will be taken from the greens and tested to determine particle size distribution, pH and organic matter content.
  • This information is used to identify a suitable Top Dressing that is compatible with the existing rootzone. 

  Rootzone  -  Handy Tips

  • The site surface onto which the rootzone is discharged should be as hard, clean and dry as possible.
  • The rootzone should be handled as little as possible
  • The rootzone should be stored in a way which minimises the risks of contamination
  • Rootzone should not be stored for prolonged periods
  • The rootzone should not be over-compacted e.g. by heavy plant and equipment
  • Installation during excessively wet conditions should be avoided.



More information will be added to this page as and when it becomes available


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