Overveiw of the BRTMA


The BRTMA was formed to look after the interests of members and customers alike.

At the time of its formation it was felt by the Founder Members that a gap existed in the amenity sector for producers of quality construction mixes and top dressings to demonstrate their ability to offer a consistent and repeatable standard of appropriate materials, using the best working practices.

Photo : Top SoilThe Association was therefore formed by a group of industry specialists able to comply with the Conditions of Membership.

Testing House

A Testing House was appointed using standardised procedures so that materials from all member companies were tested along identical lines. All member companies have approved products which conform to current USGA guidelines and supply product in accordance with the BRTMA’s Guidelines for the Purchase & Supply of Rootzones published on 1st February 2008.

The member companies wish to demonstrate to all sectors of the Turf Industry that they are able to offer approved, repeatable and quality controlled products for the construction and maintenance of sports turf areas. By demonstrating this ability it is hoped that, in future, specifiers will nominate their requirements from members of the Association, secure in the knowledge that they are purchasing from the industry specialists. 

Formation of the BRTMA

“Over the last 40 years a combination of research and practical experience has allowed the identification of the types of material that are most suitable for sports and amenity surfaces. A vital requirement is then to be able to produce such materials to a consistent quality.

The formation of the British Rootzone and Top Dressing Manufacturers Association is an important development in ensuring the supply of materials to high standards of specification and quality control, so that suitable materials are available for the varied applications on turf areas.

To help ensure the quality of materials, the STRI acts as the Official Test House for BRTMA. This allows independent assessment of rootzones and top dressings and helps promote discussion of recent research and technical findings to improve standards within the industry.

The STRI fully endorse the work being done by BRTMA to improve the quality and consistency of rootzone and top dressing materials, and this initiative is important for managers of all types of turf areas.” 

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