Member services

Why you should use BRTMA members services:

  • All members’ products are tested on a regular basis using standardised procedures.
  • All members supply according to the Guidelines for the Purchase & Supply of Rootzones
  • BRTMA promotes the use of appropriate materials and offers the best working practices in manufacture in order to offer a consistent and repeatable standard.
  • BRTMA members promote materials offered within a quality framework.
  • BRTMA is committed to developing the use of environmentally-friendly products.
  • BRTMA is promoting research into effective UK rootzone specifications.

      storage bays                    flowtextower

        Top Dressing storage bays and Flowtex tower and screening plan at
         Bathgate Silica Sand's quarry

      Rural Innovation Centre
      Unit 169- Avenue H
      Stoneleigh Park
      Warwickshire CV8 2LG
      T 024 7641 4999 ext 204
      F 024 7641 4990