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Guidelines for the Purchase and Supply of Rootzones available to download here

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Guidelines for the Purchase and Supply of Top Dressings available to download here

The British Rootzone and Top Dressing Manufacturers Association (BRTMA) is the trade body representing manufacturers of Rootzones and/or Top Dressings, all of which must conform to a standard approved by the Association’s appointed Testing House i.e. USGA or UK guidelines.

Based in Warwickshire, the BRTMA operates under the auspices of the Federation of Sports & Play Associations (FSPA), Europe’s largest sports trade association. 

The BRTMA is managed by an Executive Committee, constituted of elected members, who meet regularly to develop and promote the quality work and services of the Association.  


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  • [10 Oct 2013]

    Selection of the correct rootzone and top dressing materials is the most important factor in achieving high quality sports turf surfaces. If the growing medium is of poor quality, then the health of grass growth will inevitably be affected and the playing performance of the turf will suffer. Top dressing is a fundamental part of producing quality putting surfaces, it firms and smoothes the surface and helps maintain good drainage and air exchange.

  • [10 Jun 2008]

    The quality and playing performance of turf areas is very dependent on the medium in which the grass is growing. It is essential, therefore, that materials are selected carefully to ensure healthy grass growth without the need for excessive irrigation or fertilizer use.

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