Aims and Objectives

The Aims and Objectives of the BRTMA are:

  • To promote the use of appropriate materials and offer the best working practices in manufacture in order to offer a consistent and repeatable standard.
  • To promote materials offered within a quality framework
  • To develop environmentally friendly products
  • To promote research into effective UK rootzone specifications
  • To appoint a Testing House in order to agree and standardise testing procedures of materials supplied
  • To liaise with other organisations involved in the specification and supply of Rootzones and Top Dressings
  • To afford manufacturers of Rootzones and/or Top Dressings an opportunity for the interchange of views on matters generally affecting the industry
  • To promote, develop and protect the interests of the industry


      Spinning plate top dresser
      distributing Bathgate Silica Sand top dressing

    Rural Innovation Centre
    Unit 169- Avenue H
    Stoneleigh Park
    Warwickshire CV8 2LG
    T 024 7641 4999 ext 204
    F 024 7641 4990